v0.18.5 release notes

Bring the cloud to your data center.

metal-stack is a set of microservices implementing Metal as a Service (MaaS), turning a bunch of hardware into elastic cloud infrastructure. It is built to manage the lifecycles for hundreds and thousands of servers inside your on-premise data center.

> create new machine
metalctl machine create \
--hostname worker01 \
--name worker \
--image ubuntu-22.04 \
--size t1-small-x86 \ 
--partition frankfurt-3a \    
--project cluster01 \
--sshpublickey "@~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub"
See all commands to manage your metal-stack data center

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Cloud superpowers for your servers.

metal-stack enables you to operate your own cloud infrastructure on bare-metal servers, making you independent from hyperscalers and cloud providers.


Manage your servers, switches and firewalling with native hardware performance.

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Maintain data sovereignty and establish connectivity to existing company-internal networks.


With only one cluster per machine, metal-stack offers physical tenant-isolation, reducing the number of attack vectors and eliminating noisy neighbors.

Kubernetes as a service

Together with SAP Gardener create your own managed Kubernetes at scale.

Open Source

Prevent vendor-locks and increase your transparency. Reach out and connect to our community.

BGP Networking

State-of-the-art networking with routing-to-the-host and load balancing capabilities. Right out of the box.

Distinguishing features

Before starting development on metal-stack, we set out to create guiding principles to check our work against. These principles are the foundation of our work, reflect our motivation and present main considerations in the design of metal-stack.


Our cloud offering for metal-stack

metalstack.cloud is our own cloud offering based on metal-stack. It is built on top of metal-stack, is fully managed and provides a ready-made bare-metal cloud solution for running Kubernetes clusters.

Fully DSGVO and GDPR compliant

Hosted in Germany

Up to 24 cores per compute node

10Gb/s uplink capabilities

Lighting fast NVMe storage

Fully managed & always patched

Screenshot of the user interface of the metalstack.cloud management console.

Partners and adopters

We are proud to have the following partners and adopters on board.

Ready to get started?

Although metal-stack is developed for large deployment environments, for demo-purposes, you may also run it on your local machine. Try our mini-lab on Github to explore the API and the core functionality of the software on your own. If you are considering metal-stack, feel free to let us know, – we love seeing what you build and are willing to support you. Please reach out to us at any time.